Walk & Talk Therapy in Preston

Moving forward together . . .

Walking in green spaces can decrease the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Being in nature is a great way to practice mindfulnessfeel more grounded, attentive and present in the moment.

Walking outdoors is linked to higher levels of oxytocins which increases the feel good factor.

A combination of talking therapy and walking in nature.

These two interventions have been widely researched and are proved to be effective ways for Improving mental health.


The focus of walk and talk therapy is always on the therapy but with the added benefits of physical exercise and the healing powers of being present in nature.

We literally move forward together walking side by side rather than sitting face to face in an office setting.

The relationship between client and therapist is widely known to facilitate healing and growth. For this reason it is important to choose a therapist who you feel comfortable with. I offer a free of charge 30 minute appointment to help you decide if I am the right person for you to work with. 

I am a BACP registered counsellor offering walk and talk therapy in the Preston and South Ribble area.

I have always felt more at ease when I am outdoors, walking and amongst nature. Offering walk and talk therapy with its many added benefits to clients, as a new and alternative experience felt like a natural step for me to take. 
My approach to counselling is person centred which means that you choose the direction of the session at a pace that feels comfortable for you. Together we can explore any difficulties you may be facing and work towards finding solutions that feel manageable for you.          

Helen Martin (Hons)

Degree Counselling & Psychotherapy