How It Works

I offer a free of charge initial telephone consultation which lasts approximately 30 minutes. This is an opportunity for you to outline any problems that you are dealing with, goals that you hope to achieve and ask any questions. After this initial session there is then opportunity to consider if we feel we can work together and if walk and talk therapy is for you.


The next session will be held outdoors at a mutually agreed location. I have a number of planned routes that I regularly use around the Preston & South Ribble area but if you have a favourite place to walk this can be negotiated too.


The sessions will last for 50 minutes starting and ending in the same place. This may be a slow gentle amble or a brisk walk depending on your fitness and energy levels. There will be opportunities to sit on a quiet bench or pause in nature, the pace of the walk is always set by you.

As life is unpredictable so is the weather, walks will take place in most weather conditions. There is a saying "there is no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing",  so whether it be your wellies or your sunglasses it's best to be prepared. If a session is cancelled due to hazardous conditions It can be rearranged at a mutually agreed time.

Cost of sessions £40.

Who Is It For?

Walk and Talk Therapy can benefit most people. Research shows that clients who suffer from depression and anxiety benefit from psychotherapy being incorporated with walking in nature. 

Clients who have tried therapy in the past, and  have found it intimidating sitting face to face with a counsellor. Being outdoors and walking side by side in an informal setting and may feel more comfortable and less formal.

Studies show that it can particularly benefit the following:

  • People who may be experiencing a life crisis or transition

  • Clients experiencing grief

  • Clients with chronic pain

  • Clients with acute and chronic illness